Many assume that all the fake Moon stills and video were shot in a remote studio in the Nevada desert, this however is untrue. Both video and still shots were taken at many different places, and the actual video's were indeed shot in remote locations
many years before the actual mission dates. One of the places chosen by NASA and the USGS, was Chezhin Chotah in the
Hopi Butte volcanic field. The USGS (United States Geological Society) were heavily involved in assisting NASA to perfect
the fake Moon scenario's, after all they were being funded by none other than NASA. As previously explained, the planning
and preparation of faking the Moon missions began way back in the early 1960's, it was not something which NASA suddenly decided to do prior to the Apollo 8 mission.
There were 8 simulated tests known as AAP Test 1 to AAP Test 8. AAP stands for Apollo Application Program. The picture shown shown below is just such a test at Chezhin Chotah. Note that astronauts are suited up for the simulation. The live
audio, and video was then transmitted by narrow beam microwave link to the ADF (Astronauts Data Facility), at 4th Street,
East Flagstaff, over 85 miles away. Microwave link was used so that no one could intercept the communication, had they
used radio wave link, there was the possibility that someone might eavesdrop on the conversations. In this area of the Hopi Buttes, there is a considerable amount of petrified wood from age old trees. Now we know where the astronauts got the
petrified wood which they gave to the Dutch Prime Minister, and then told him it was genuine Moon rock. Note the crew are congregating around a large boulder shown just below center of photograph, whilst monitoring crew are out of sight, filming
in top left hand corner.
Security around the area was, as to be expected, very tight. NASA needed to be 100% certain that no one would stumble upon their fakery. This was achieved in various ways. A helicopter hovered above the area on the lookout for any vehicle which may possibly enter the area. If any vehicle was seen that posed a threat, a signal was sent to the 'trespass vehicle nearest the threat' which would then intercept the approaching individuals, and turn them away.
Trespass vehicles were placed on all approach vehicle tracks some distance from the test site. The staff on 'trespass vehicles' had view scopes to assess the threat posed to the Apollo test. One such trespass vehicle is shown left, with 'heavy man' James Crossan ready to turn any individuals away, he's even scowling at the cameraman as though he shouldn't be there.
The two pictures below show microwave link between remote desert location, and the ADF at Flagstaff, Arizona.
The weird looking vehicle shown below was the mock LM, which was moved around differing parts of the desert. Note the triangular window to give astronauts the impression they were in the Lunar Module. The astronauts had to recite what they saw from the window. These conversations were monitored by the ADF many times over, until the simulation sounded real enough to the staff at ADF. Picture on the right is a view from the mobile LM simulator, looking across Hopi Butte.
Here's another weird looking vehicle used by USGS in faking the Apollo Moon landings. Called Molab, it was used in remote desert locations to relay information to other USGS vehicles.
Above picture shows Gordon Swann from USGS, coordinating the astronauts actions via radio link whilst marking on a
fake picture of Moon's surface, where the astronauts should be for realism in the COMs dept.
This photo was taken in the mid 60's, long before the fake landing of Apollo 11, but look at that picture to the far left, and it shows the Lunar Module on a Moon like surface near to a crater.
Fake pictures of the Moon's surface, including Lunar Module, years before the astronauts were supposed to be there.
Here's another USGS employee up to no good.
He is doctoring photographs of rocks taken here on Earth, by modifying the way they look. Adding certain markings etc so as to make it look like a very unique Moon rock when re-photographed.
Many believe that NASA used small models of the Lunar Module and astronauts to fake many of the pictures. Well if NASA didn't, then USGS did. What we see in the background would back up that claim.
Astronauts went to many different places from the mid 60's right up until the end of Apollo in 1972, for their so called training simulations. Picture shows
just one such place, known as Blackhawk Slide.
It is easy to see why they used such sites for taking fake Moon pictures. Just remove those few shrubs in the foreground, (should take about half an hour), and you have your perfect fake Moon setting.
Not only that but you already have your 'orange soil' in place ready for Mr. Schmitt to quote his famous remark "There's orange soil here, orange soil on the Moon." Both Cernan and Schmitt were here on 6 Oct 1972 to record their 'Moon Game'.
Finally the diagram below shows how the whole lot was put together to function as though astronauts were on the Moon, when in all sense and reason they were in some remote desert here on planet Earth. The astronauts conversations were transmitted by microwave link, so the only people who could monitor the conversations were NASA staff based at the ADF in Flagstaff.
Therefore the statement made by many PAN's that radio amateurs monitored the Apollo conversations from their garden shed, is nothing more than pure, unadulterated BS. All monitored conversations from the tests, are now in the possession of the ALSJ, (a subsidiary of NASA).
ALSJ of course will insist that the audio tapes are genuine tapes from the Apollo Moon missions.
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